January is National Thyroid Awareness Month

Victor L. Roberts, MD is Proud to be a Peer Reviewer for the the journal Metabolism, Clinical and Experimental

What is a peer reviewer?

Most professionals in a specific field are invited by the Editor of  journals to conduct reviews. Reviewers play an essential part in science and in scholarly publishing. For more than 300 years, scientists and scholars have relied upon peer review to validate research, engage other specialists in the support of submitted work, and increase networking possibilities within specific specialist communities.



By assessing the quality and validity of another author’s work, within the same area of expertise, reviewers:

  • Uphold the integrity of the journal by identifying invalid research, as well as helping to maintain the quality standards of the journal.
  • Fulfill a sense of duty to the scientific community and their own area of concentration.
  • Establish their expertise in and knowledge of the field.
  • Increase their reputation and exposure in the field.
  • Stay up to date and “in the loop” with respect to their discipline’s literature.
  • Have access to the very latest research and discoveries in the field prior to colleagues.

Victor Lawrence Roberts, MD is proud of his professional contribution without which it would be impossible to maintain the high standards of peer-reviewed journals.

Reviewer Facts courtesy: Elsevier

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